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Business Opportunity in Cambodia

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Business registration in Cambodia has increased rapidly due to ASEAN Community such as Korea, Japan, Chinese and Cambodia, own self. We can see that because of stability of political situation in Cambodia and social community is safe. There are so many kind of business register in Cambodia: Real estate, agricultural product, school,  import and export of any kind of product and service in Cambodia, and to some extend to factory as well.

There is some difficulty for foreign investor who is new to Cambodia, they may feel not confident to register business by their own self, because it required soft skill to register online system, However, our team is ready to help you and assisting you to create your business legally according to law.

For foreigner employee who work in Cambodia, every year, they required to have work permit while they were employed and renew every each year. Our team also can help you as well just to assist and provide with a unique price.

Or if you have any question you can Contact us: 069 58 39 06

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Quote from Expert

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Nothing is a consider less to think that lots of businesses will come to invest in Cambodia with reminding that all of those industries is going to face more challenges in order to survive for long.

ការសាកល្បងក្នុងការផ្តល់វិញ្ញាបនបត្របញ្ជាក់ប្រភពដើមទំនិញទម្រង់⁣ឌី⁣សម្រាប់នាំចេញកសិផល នៅប៉ៃលិន និងបាត់ដំបង (Testing for Online to Obtain Certificate of Production Origin)

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This is the Notification No. 5067 ព.ណនច dated 16th November 2017  stated that Ministry of Commerce is to notify to manufacturers and exporters of agricultural production, which located at Peilin and Battambong province, to be aware that sooner MOC will start online system for obtaining Certificate of Production Origin via website វិញ្ញាបនបត្របញ្ជាក់ប្រភពដើមទំនិញ⁣កសិផល នៅប៉ៃលិន⁣ និងបាត់ដំបង

John C. Harsanyi’ The Maximin Principle to Traffic Law Policy in Cambodia

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Traffic accident is a concerning issue that people who use road are challenging for every minute. The governments are working hard on it to improve law and rules policy making it unambiguity policy responding to traffic accident situation. It is required vigorous efforts not only from governments, but also require people itself in participating and having strong commitment, following related activities, to obey the laws that have been said and was been enforced. People were killed and get injured by traffic accidents every day. Traffic accidents are happening every minute in every country not only in Cambodia. It is also a one global issue that every country has a vigorous effort to eliminate it in short-term policy. Driving on the street to school, work, vocation, or other places, it was always seen that traffic accident always happening. The causes of accident came from many factors such as: carelessness driver, roadway design and its defects, vehicle equipment failure, law violation and weather condition, law unknown…etc. Its result from traffic accident, is always leave people in death, serious injured, or permanent disability problems, impacts on the livelihoods of poor households at any means of economically earning, and may cause not be able to let education for their children.

By these entire problems, government has decided new policy to enforce new traffic law, which revise the existing one namely “Law on Road Traffic” which issued on 08 February 2007. This law was annulled and replaced by new “Law on Road Traffic” dated on 06 January 2015 instead. Regarding to new policy of implementing new road traffic law in Cambodia, we have seen that government has revised and made most to satisfy people, especially to poor income persons just to lower the driver license[1], etc. In addition to this, government also created new policy for not require obtaining driver license on motorbikes type A1 which referring to motorbikes with 125cc or below, by issue the “ Decision on The Cancel Driver’s License Type A1” [2]No. 02 SSR dated on 06 January 2016. Response to this decision, people are very pleased especially to student who cannot afford the payment on license for freely driving which not require in having driver license at all, nor police will punish it also.

However, There are both benefits and critics on the cancelling of driver license type A1 in this new policy from people, NGOs and related ministries. In fact, it provides more benefit to less income citizens to facilitate the expenses on renew and apply for driving license, especially to students and because there are many numbers of motorbikes were used in Cambodia. In contrast, it may cause some accidents while driving test has not been done. It shows it is in lack of traffic law taught to public to get more understand on what law is truly said, the using of symbol of traffic sign, light, what allow or not allow to perform well and safety as driver, etc. It can cause so many problems and accident to all drivers between who go to school and those not. And by not having this license, the minor also can drive motor as they wish too, so it is dangerous.

By this issue, I would speak my idea that this policy is likely followed John Rawls’ theory of different principle[3]. This is to treat least advantaged members of society, especially to poor and students by not require them to have license (people who drive motorbikes with/under 125 cc) for their benefit not to spend on fee of obtaining license for their everyday traveling on road unlike car or other vehicle higher than 125 cc according to law which shall obtain driver license and if not they will be punished by law. It seems unfair to other drivers for different kind of motorbikes with higher than 125 cc that they must apply for driving license and will be punished if they don’t.

It is very vital to help the poor from not having expense on obtaining driving license, but by doing this; traffic accident will be increased more. However, the result of having no license hereby, it would provide law unknown to new driver who can drive, but not know the legal and safety concept to perform well on using road. It means only education providing, is the best solution from the skillful lecturer for lessons. We all know that everybody can learn from their elder siblings to drive motorbike, but what is the main reason is to pay attention of, on how much they know about updated law, how to translate traffic light, traffic sign, to perform well on road, to know their rights and other driver rights, to secure their safety, etc. Even putting an effort to enforce law practical in commercial, as to name a few, form of television, radio, newspaper, magazine it is not clear whether it can provide the detail lessons related to traffic law better than participate in class directly with lecturer at driving school.

            By make this policy become more efficiently, I would speak my idea and it is just my thinking that it shall follow John C. Harshanyi’s theory[4]. Harshanyi stated that the different principle of John Rawls theory, is only about maximin principle, is to develop to utilitanianism. By this, Harshanyi argued that Rawls will not success by this principle. By the evaluation situation of maximin principle is very biased and complex thought under uncertainty. Anyway, there are two decision rules to be used by rational person under uncertainty are maximin principle and expected-utility maximization. Harshanyi said the expected-utility maximization is better than maximin principle, which raised by Rawls. The much better is that, maximin principle is to provide more benefits to least advantaged person such as poor people rather than rich, even it is not fair between other vehicles user, is that we can do it by helping in greater many poor income persons and help them expense less and can solve their claiming for this exception. But in contrast, Harshanyi argued that this propose policy is very harmful. This needed to use expected-utility maximization instead. He also argued that this expected-utility maximization can lead to principle of average utility, to evaluation the most possibly happen by having rational thinking. This means is to get revision to create decision, by not to cancel the type of A1 of driver license, but to lower cost as much as possible”. Because even it benefits to most poor people in great number, but it will also cause accident in great number too. So by this, all people can go to school for obtain driver license, get knowledge and training from lecturer on updated law, know to perform well at driving, and even more. This show the equality in concept of original position, plus expected-utility maximization to average utility.

As a result of having no traffic accident happens, governments would have more opportunities to develop country as well as increasing economically outcome, infrastructures on road, bridge for good, reducing traffic jam and attracting more investors from foreign country while citizens would create safety culture such as conduct more respect to each other in using road, reducing the expenses on accident curing. And traffic accident rate will also reduce in great number.


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Role of OXFAM Organization in Poverty Alleviation in Cambodia

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  • This is my research paper as attached references.

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Cambodia is a country that struggle of poverty for many years after Khmer Rough regime was collapsed. Beside the harsh sanctions to death penalties by the offenders in that regime, people had died in variety of many factors such as hungry for food and water, heavy work condition, illness, lack of medical health care, etc. The developing Cambodia before, start becoming the under developing country which considers having no any property remaining, because those developing were destroyed. All places were ruined such as factories, buildings, markets, pagodas, schools, hospitals, houses and any other infrastructures between 1975-1979. After 1979, the Cambodia is a silent country that there is not many business or economic transaction processing on its territory. It would means poverty starting at everywhere. People were excited and proud with the new reformed regime, but they also were in need of supported from government for raising family for their livelihood.

Cambodia is in need of any supports from foreign aids donor, and since that, the arrival of foreign organization which was named OXFAM organization (OXFAM) is the first organization that comes to support and provides valuable funds to Cambodia for development at any field especially to reduce poverty. OXFAM is the important actor among the other organizations, which plays an vital roles to resilient Cambodia in many sector for development such as socio-economic development, poverty rate reduction, high security tenure protection, empower women and children for equality and justice, education accessing, labor market increasing, technical assistance training at any fields in the objective of OXFAM slogan “The Power of People Against Poverty” without any discrimination. After the hardworking of OXFAM, we see that Cambodia now has rapidly developed a lot from time to time until now, which Cambodia was recognized by international stage in many sectors such as tourism competitive, economic growth, poverty reduction, good infrastructure etc.

To gain more understanding about OXFAM organization roles, please take a look to research question as set below.

This study is going to be guided by the following research questions:

  1. What are the causes of poverty?
  2. How OXFAM work to poverty alleviation in Cambodia?
  3. What is the result of OXFAM achievement in Cambodia?

The Objectives of this paper is to explore the main causes of poverty in Cambodia, understand clearly about OXFAM organization roles to work for alleviation poverty, and it also provides the result on whether OXFAM affect to Cambodia development efficiently for poverty reduction.

In order to get more detailed and accurate information for this paper, it is very vital and most needed requirements to do with some research by using research methodology. The researcher has used both quantitative and qualitative research methodology by using secondary data. For the secondary data of this study, it required the step to collect existing information and data from Internet include monthly and annual report/journal, video, books, and newspaper in both Khmer and English language.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) “Poverty is associated with the undermining of a range of key human attributes, including health. The poor are exposed to greater personal and environmental health risks, are less well nourished, have less information and are less able to access health care; they thus have a higher risk of illness and disability. Conversely, illness can reduce household savings, lower learning ability, reduce productivity, and lead to a diminished quality of life, thereby perpetuating or even increasing poverty.” (WHO, n.d)[1]

According to The Borgen Project, an organization working to bring US political attention to global poverty mentioned, it also mentioned the causes of poverty: “in state poverty rate refers to war & political instability, national debt, discrimination and social inequality, vulnerability to natural disasters (Delice Williams, 2013) [2]. In fact, it is true that Delice Williams, has mentioned the main factors causes of poverty. Simply saying in addition, the reason for poor is the lack of education and skills training, inadequate employment opportunities, low capabilities, poor health, lack of education, poor infrastructure and low productivity. However, not only in Cambodia that facing poverty issue, as to globally, it has too. That is why the role of OXFAM is very important actor in contributing to Cambodia country to reduce poverty by its strategic from local to national levels and to globally as well.

According to Development Research Forum Synthesis Report No. 07 September 2014 that “the AEC is expected to increase Cambodia’s real GDP by 4.4 percentage points, exports by 5.3 percentage points and private investment by 24.8 percentage points”. (Hing Vutha, 2014)[3]. Actually, It is very important in As it seen recently, Cambodia has moving to AEC by 2015 which creates more opportunities while it also provides most challenging to Cambodia at the same time (Pich Rithi, 2014). [4] Cambodia became ASEAN members on 30 April 1999. ASEAN created the three pillars of ASEAN Community to promote peace, stability and prosperity. The three pillars mentioned refer to ASEAN Political-security Community (APSC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and ASEAN Socio- culture Community (ASCC). Each of these three pillars has it main different goal but in the same of objective to develop economic, culture, learn and sharing to each other, maintain peace and promote social order and it also impacts to reduce poverty rate. So by joining with AEC, Cambodia would increase the economic rate that can help to poverty alleviation across country by promote equality and justice.

Beside the arrival of AEC, there is OXFAM organization that also recognized as the strongest institution, in helping Cambodia in poverty alleviation.

OXFAM is working on to establish new three projects: Voice of Change, Resilience and Natural Resource Governance to meet their slogan as The Power of People Against Poverty (OXFAM, 2015)[5]. For the Voices of Change, OXFAM refers to empowerment on women and youth include roles in leadership, gender equality, democracy building, and workers’ rights. For Resilience, it refers to the training provided to female farmers for technical skill in awareness of climate change and natural disaster, especially to floods and droughts. And with the last program Natural Resource Governance, it focuses on women and men to understand their rights and gain benefits from natural resource, and to sustain livelihoods. Oxfam organization objective are to assist the affected country from poverty in many countries in the world. Cambodia also the one country that affected selected communities also obtains aids and support from OXFAM for development community as to country as a whole since 1979.

In addition, The OXFAM organization has been provided funds, aid support and technical assistance to promote and protection of human rights, especially to woman empowerment, economic and education development in order to reduce poverty rate, in not only in Cambodia but to internationally, its objective is to fight against the injustice of poverty.

The OXFAM programmed is more comply to the government development strategies as said in the strategic plan national development[6] for poverty alleviation said that: at firstly, Cambodia is necessary to solve some issues facing as : Cambodia economic depend on the fundamental core on 4 sectors such as agriculture, tailor industry, tourism and construction etc.

Here are some of projects that OXFAM had/are working on:

  • Building Disaster Resilient Communities in Cambodia II (OXFAM, 2015)[7] project in Kampong Thom province which was in period from 1 April 2014 to 31 December 2015, under financial assistance of European Union that has corporate with partner Action for Development (AFD), Angkar Ponleu Aphiwat(APA), Help Old Age and Miserable People(HOM), Environment Support and Social Development (ESSD). By this project. Its target in Kampong Thom province, in 5 districts include Baray, Sandan, Prasat Sambor, Kampong Svay, Krung Steung Sen. This project is focus on:
  • Empowerment on women and children: providing skill protection against floods, drought, storms and other diseases,
  • Management on water gauge installation: training people in community the capacity on installation, maintenance, and how to read, record, and communicate the information,
  • Training on Agriculture techniques: conducting 27 training courses on agriculture and vegetable growing in 27 communes. This training is for improvement of agriculture knowledge and techniques in agriculture in view of drought or floods, such as land preparation, nursery preparation, planting techniques, pest management, eater management, and harvesting etc.

The achievement of this project is that now there were 49 water rain gauges in 27 villages prone to flood management in Steung Sen basin were installed, and people can have enough ability in technical system to maintain and secure the flood management by themselves as for planting protection from pest and eater. And because of this skill, they can produce more food and vegetable for sale market in order to supports their family accountability with specific plan for better living.

  • Oxfam had provided fund for community to train Cambodian people in rural area at province in Kampong Thom, Kratie, Preah Vihear, Stung Treng (OXFAM, 2011)[8]. This project is to empowerment women to strengthening the ability to public speech to central authority for asking for help and any support for their community and the facilitation in their livelihood. OXFAM also provide technical assistant to community by training them to make natural resource such as palm product for making in new variety kind of product made from palm to increase the earning income.

By this project, there are many successful people there, because they can earn more money than before by comparing with previously years by be more creative produce on natural resource ex: palm, which can be produced for many kinds of food at the same time rather than only one kind. And women starting understand their rights a lot, especially by the engagement in community as role leader.

  • New OXFAM Programme Seeks to Change Low Youth Engagement (VOA Khmer, 2012)[9] by addressing youth in less engagement in communities in term of lack of accessing information, few role models for youth. And because youth is equal to 60 % of all population in Cambodia and youth is the best actor for develops country that is the concerning by the OXFAM AMERICA, will strengthen and encourage more confident for each youth participation in aim for poverty alleviation.
  • OXFAM also created the Pink telephones-using technology to empower women in Cambodia (Policy and Practice Blog, 2012)[10]. Because of the updated technology boost in our lives, the newest and fast of information people will get. OXFAM created this Pink Phone revolution in Cambodia to provide the services by message to people in community to get more last updated of market price, so that people know on how to manage the price and to crop their product to market on time. In addition, women can phone to their authority at any time when they have or being heard any violation in family/community before it’s late.

As a result of this project, Nicole Johnston (Nicole, n.d)[11]. , Regional Media Coordinator from South Africa, has found the benefit of this project which women can produce the products in amount that comply with the demand from markets and make sale in best price to satisfy customer, by just checking on pink phone info updated every minute. As said by Chean Pun, a farmer is proudly displays the corn, pumpkins and sweet potatoes she has grown which said “We sell our crops to middlemen, and this SMS system helps because they send me information on what the market prices are in Phnom Penh so I can compare that with the price the traders are offering us in the village”. In addition, women can ask for help on time in case there is unpredicted event happened to them which show that the rate of violation has been reduced. For instances, Mrs. Lon Ny said “My husband was always drinking alcohol and wanting to be the boss at home,” “But since I have learned to be assertive and I know my rights, he has changed. My daughter got married and went to live in another village and her husband started beating her. I went there and stopped it, and I am in contact with the commune councilor there, so she can call me if there is a problem.”

With OXFAM strategic plan on three programs; Voice of Change, Resilience and Natural Resource Governance to meet their slogan, as The Power of People Against Poverty, it showed that OXFAM gets more successful achievement such as for their family by enable them to send children to school, and have more adequate living, equal opportunities for men and women, enough ability in technical system to maintain and secure the flood management by their own self, more better living, empowerment women to strengthening the ability to public speech to central authority for asking for help and any support for their community and the facilitation in their livelihood, technical assistant to community product all kinds of production in one product, women starting understand their rights a lot, especially the engagement in community as role leader. Youth participation increase. By created Pink Phone revolution people know on how to manage the price and to crop their product to market. In addition, women can phone to their authority at any time when they have or being heard any violation in family/community before it’s late, women can produce the products in amount that comply with the demand from markets and make sale in best price to satisfy customer, by just checking on pink phone info updated every minute. In addition, women can ask for help on time in case there is unpredicted event happened to them which show violation reducing. For instances.

Women and youth starting know more about their opportunity in accessing and participating as role leader in their community, getting more confident and raising their right to ask for any facilitation for maintenance their safety protection. People gain more skill from training by OXFAM, and know how to protect against any floods, drought and natural disaster to guarantee agriculture products to ensure food security. Even they live in isolated community, they also get funds and support from OXFAM, in accessing information to market price at city by using pink phone. OXFAM is the first organization that comes to help Cambodia in bright the opportunity to become developing country as we are seeing now. And it was hoped that their roles could change Cambodia in poverty alleviation in nearly future as its plans.


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Investment Sector for ASEAN Century

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Cambodia is one of the ASEAN member who has a responsibility working toward to the framework of AEC in 2015, which business investing sector considers as a tool for ASEAN to move forward to reach the objective of economic growth from 2015 to the nearest future. So business opportunities in Cambodia is the core element which needed to cooperate with and among ASEAN members to work together for free flow of investment, service, goods, labor, and capital to have one ASEAN economic growth as one community.

Business in practice has three kinds for entrepreneur such as sole proprietorship, partnership and limited company, in addition divided into two such as branch and subsidiary. Beside of that, Business also created as the name of state enterprise, public institute and joint venture. But the Law of Commercial created on 19th June, 2005 has divided the name of business into two kinds only such as: Partnership and corporation (limited company). Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Economic and Finance are legally entities for dealing with registering of company and its patent, which show that company has been set up legally according to existing commercial law and regulation in Cambodia. For all large businesses or large investment businesses are encouraged to register with Council of Development in Cambodia (CDC) in order to get many incentive from state include tax exemption which is so attracted to large investor. Council of Development in Cambodia (CDC) are the state entity was set up in aim of providing the good service for investor in both local and foreign investors who ask for benefit from low to zero tax rate in export their products to Cambodia. Council of Development in Cambodia (CDC) also play as an actor to facilitate the investment management development to encourage investor to come to do business in Cambodia as much as possible in order to reduce poverty and create labor for people as to achieve the objective of economic growth and economic development.

Investment sector is a very important golden opportunity for developing country as Cambodia. It plays an important role for poverty reduction, economic growth and development, infrastructure development and politic stability in country. Without investment, Cambodia must live as a less developing country, without economic growth, people live under poverty line, live as separated country without any communication with other country, no any development for both its own country and people, and will have a bad dream in future prediction from the among the ASEAN member. Because all of these negative points of non investment transaction, the government has worked with local and foreign to create rules, policy, and also enter into agreement of the benefit that Cambodia can gain from these agreement to provide the opportunity to investor who wish to do business in Cambodia. In addition to that, the government impose so many policy and rules to encourages the investor to get incentive from investment so that investor can get benefit from it as well.

 One of the most key advantages investing in Cambodia is to demonstrate for economic development in Cambodia. Government is paying much attention on this sector, that why there are so much changes on the drafting exist or new law related to commercial in Cambodia to support and prevent any misleading law conception and there’re many changes dramatically to facilitate the procedure of register new company at ministry in Cambodia to make investor feel secure and safe, get fast service. Investment market in Cambodia attracts both foreign investment and local investment that they come along with challenges and opportunities. Anyway, it is so very vital for both local and foreign investor whom wish to know the procedure and incentive that they can get from before, during and after need to understand and to address their opportunities and its challenges as well before they decide to run their business in Cambodia.

Based on ASEAN BRIEFING in 2017, it was stated that in order to thrive in foreign investment into Asia, challenges environment, the current conditions, as well as opportunities and threats in the market needed to be understood.

Law implementation

Cambodia is the heart of Southeast Asia, which have a good condition for it geography and natural resource for investor to do business such as mining, energy, land, biodiversity and wildlife, timber, forests, mineral resources, oil and natural gas, etc., There are so many million reasons which attracted investor to do business in Cambodia. However, in short it was divided into some parts will be explained later.

According to BNG Legal publisher the Investing in Cambodia report in 2014, the reason to invest business are[2]:

  1. Preferential market access: Cambodia is open heart to all new investor who interested in doing business. Cambodia joined World Trade Organization (WTO) for get benefit from agreement of trading business across its member countries. Cambodia can get tax exemption from lower rate to zero tax rate and get well to work with trading country in WTO. Cambodia also enter into agreement of ASEAN-China free trade agreement which can get benefit from that too.
  2. Open economy: Cambodia has created and open for investor to do business within special economic zone and government encourage investor by given tax exemption and low tax rate and provide one-stop service for application to take it easier for investor.
  3. Competitive asset: Cambodia labor cost is low and people have good education as well. And by its own natural resources which are the basic asset to attract investor.

In addition to that is shall be added as:

  1. Strong GDP Growth: from 1993 to 2013 Cambodia has the highest average annual growth at 8.2 percent, which grew at 115 percent during that period. Comparing to Thailand, Cambodia has grew as twice as more than Thailand.
  2. Young and Inexpensive workplace: Cambodia has more intelligence of youth with well speaking of English language. And its labor cost is cheaper that investor be able to do business
  3. Rising productivity: from 2010 to 201 the import and export of foreign direct investment has increase dramatically which can ensure its market is big for investor to make business. According to World Bank report it showed that Construction and garment sector project would reach 6.9 percent of economic growth in 2017 and 2018.
  4. Stable politics: Cambodia takes a power “ Democracy Power” with free fair election.

Business, in Cambodia, need to register with related ministries. And the Council of Development in Cambodia (CDC) has role for facilitation the procedure in order to get license from each ministries. However, CDC is working hard to provide the service to facilitate the investors who want to make a contribution as business in Cambodia. Business in Cambodia, have so many kind such as in term of service, merchandised and manufacturing. In Phnom Penh there are crowded of business operations and people are favor in partner with friends, college for work to earn profit. Anyway, there are still has some restriction and problem facing while business are operated. Among of the challenges include the no register license is pre-completed before business started, lack of capital, and so on.

According to law of Commercial there are two types of business: partnership and corporation. For partnership consists of general partnership and limited partnership while the corporation consists of limited private company and limited public company. All business institution shall be Cambodian company, which means at least 51 percent of Cambodian share.

Investment market[3] has many sectors to do in Cambodia such as;

  • Office or Commercial Market
  • Residential and Housing Market
  • Retail Market
  • Industrial Market
  • Agricultural Market

In addition Construction and garment sector are the most resilience for economic growth in Cambodia to make economic remain strong. So the law regarding to this will be added and revised as more effectively as it could be.

Company registering from offline to online follow The Ministry of Commerce issued a Prakas No. 299 on 29 December 2015 to implement a new procedure for registration of company through the online system.
Website: Recently the practice has come up now.

For offline, normally before one-business starts, the Business Registration Department of Ministry of Commerce required the name of company and business objective, in order to check on whether its name was used by other enterprise. If it’s available to use, it will enable to register under that name and the registration will be process. The required documents for company registration at Business Registration Department has include:

  1. Passport or identity card of shareholder,
  2. Amount of registered capital
  3. Source of registered capital in case, kind or expertise
  4. Bank statement from local bank
  5. Picture inside and outside of building/office
  6. Share/value of share
  7. Location address/
  8. Lease agreement/ Ownership title
  9. And other (if necessary)

After investor submits all of above documents the Patent Tax process will get start at Ministry of Economic and Finance in order to issue the Patent Tax certificate for one year.

For the medium or large enterprise, also required to register with CDC to get tax exemption.

In conflict of commercial dispute, Cambodia has constructed and give the power to the general court to deal with it, but it is known that the commercial court will create soon. For labor dispute the Arbitrary Council has power to deal with it. So it means Cambodia has created so many institution to facilitate investor in finding solution due to their problems.

Investment can build trust and make friendship in many ways include the political stability to the other parties as well when they trade business together, so the political stability also builds as well from each leader of those trading country.

Economic growth

(Chanthol 2015) There are many reasons to invest in Cambodia. He rose up many points such as:

  • Macroeconomic Stability: Cambodia had 14.7 million populations in 2013 and population growth rate increased 1.46 % at the same year. Cambodia had stable macroeconomic environment that GDP growth averaged 7.6% per annum compare to last ten years (2005-2014). In addition, GDP per capita was US$ 1,220 (2015) and projected GDP growth for 2015 is 6.9 % (World Bank). Inflation rate was 1.0% (2015). It has stable exchange rate. There is low budget deficit. International reserves increased to US$ 3.6 billion (2013) and rose to US$ 4.4 billion (2014) – nearly 4 months of prospective imports. It reached to US$ 4.7 billion in first half of 2015. After 12 years, it increased from US$ 100 million to US$ 1 billion (1994-2006). But it just took 2 years to increase from US$ 2 billion to US$ 3 billion (2006-2008)

The most nation who come to invest in Cambodia are China, Korea, EU, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.


Following some opportunity investment in Cambodia, now you are going to acknowledge about the challenges invest your business. There are some challenges that Cambodia faces such as:

  • Weak law enforcement: After Cambodia resilient political stability after last decade, Cambodia is still developing legal system and it will take much time to catch up with international standard both content and enforcement. For example: There is non-transparency occurring at administration level and some foreign businesses complaint to competitors who are doing such these activities.
  • High energy costs: Due to developing infrastructure in Cambodia, energy cost tends to be in a highest price compare to competitors countries among regional as well as South East Asia. To continue Economic activities, Cambodia needs to import electricity from neighbors’ countries. The high cost of energy is a major drag in Cambodia economy.
  • Skills gap: Cambodia citizens are struggled with education after fighting with Khmer Rouge. Cambodia has to build citizen’s capacity to compete with AEAN itself and in the global market economy. Cambodia is taking time to reform and improvement on Education system. So, it is such a hard for Cambodia citizens to compete with competitors’ countries. Based in Eurocam report, survey conducted in 2012 shows that there are about 28% of labor force had finished elementary education despite only 2.8% has finished post-secondary education.
  • Dispute Settlement: It is so complicate around land dispute in Cambodia. Investment can develop economic whereas also can damage the property of poor people by excavate the land to build the space for large business. After that, the dispute will be arise such as case of B
  • Environment Protection: Industries are going fast in Cambodia society and also make Cambodia environment become worst because of industrial activities. It destroys natural resources such as forest and land for farming, mining, oil, and sea. CO2 emission for industry broke environment and makes climate change and global warming.

Cambodia is a big target to invest your business. As Cambodia has a strong economic and many opportunities. Natural resources have gained more advantages for all investors especially low labor cost than other countries. Two major factors reinforce Cambodia’s economic stronger such as construction and garment. We saw that Cambodia has increase economic dramatically in many decades because of investment. Cambodia has effectively law for implement investment development as well to attract investor by giving tax exemption and other incentive. However, while the large investment benefit from low tax rate, there are still at risk for small and medium enterprise which always face of bankruptcy if government does not pay attention to that because of lack of capital to invest in business. So government shall provide the low interest rate of loan for last long business to SMEs as much as possible. Investment builds, just name a few, infrastructure development, grow economic, poverty reduction, employment increasing while investment also affect to environment as well to public health and to the whole country. Beside of above, boosting productivity for rising wages by strengthen quality of basis education and to promote vocational and technical skills, reducing energy cost to attract and compete in high value-added for sophisticated manufacturing, public service delivery improvement for private sector development and enhanced efforts to improve public investment management legal framework and implementation is a must from our recommendation to sustain investment sector to boost it freely, safety and last long healthy in object to have economic growth and development in Cambodia.

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Cambodia Tourism Sector

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Cambodia tourism is most economic transaction in development. There are many places to visit in Cambodia. Foreigner as Asean member countries are the fan of the most visiting in Cambodia. During their visiting, Cambodian make more income as well in supporting their living which mean economic developing in country. The most famous place that people visit during holidays are Siemreap, Preah Sihanouk. Why these two cities are so famous and attract to people.